Recommendations to authors

The Félix Houphouët-Boigny Foundation for Peace Research publishes a new academic journal entitled Dialogue & Paix, the first issue of which will be published in December 2008. It seeks articles on the search for peace in Africa and around the world. Culture of peace and the evolution of contemporary Africa. The publication languages of the journal are French and English.

Publishing Conditions

The magazine accepts only original articles that have not been published in another journal, which do not involve loans of any kind whatsoever that would be liable for the liability of the Foundation. The articles are submitted to the reading committee, which decides whether they should be published. The published texts are the sole responsibility of the authors. No manuscript will be returned. The authors will therefore retain a duplicate of their article.

Presentation of manuscripts

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts of 3,000 to 6,000 words on paper or in Word format, in two copies.

The author must indicate his full name, his academic or professional title and his address. Please attach a summary of at least ten (10) lines of the article and 5 to 8 keywords in English and French.

The bibliographical references will be incorporated into the text (not in footnotes) and followed by the pages. Ex. (Boll, 1979: 8-11).

The footnotes, in continuous numbering, will be used only for brief comments, details that would add to the text.

Illustrations (charts, charts, diagrams, maps, photos) must be given a title, a legend, a serial number, and presented in a form that permits their direct reproduction.

For the bibliography, at the end of the manuscript, the references must respect the following protocol:

For works: name of author or authors, followed by initials of first names, year of publication (in brackets), title of work (in italics), place of publication, name of publisher, number of pages.

Ex. ILIFFE, J. (1997), The Africans. History of a continent, Paris, Aubier, 459 p.

For articles: name of author or authors, followed by initials of first names, year of publication (in brackets), title of article (in quotation marks), title of publication (in italics), volume or volume, Number, first and last page of the article.

HOPKINS, A. (1968), "Economic Imperialism in West Africa: Lagos, 1880-1892", Economic History Review, XXI (3): 580-606


All correspondence will be addressed to Jean-Noël LOUCOU, Director of the journal Dialog & Peace

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